Runa Bouius



TRUE Power Leadership Coaching Program

This is an exclusive, custom-tailored one-year, one-on-one CEO/executive coaching/mentoring program. 

The purpose is twofold:

Firstly, to transition the traditional CEO to the next-generation CEO and make him/her future-ready for the emerging leadership trends.  

Secondly, we have the leader who is already well established and successful but wants to uplevel his leadership skills and make sure he is using his full potential. 

Thirdly, to address the unspoken secrets that too often plagues leaders and get intensified with sustained performance pressure and now, more than ever, the chaos and complexity of dealing with a world in crisis. The secrets they don’t even tell their intimate partners about that commonly are referred to as an existential crisis. Unconscious dissatisfaction, disconnection, and plain confusion are good examples. These can challenge effective communication and create disharmony with others. The joy and fulfillment of living life fully and on purpose are eluding them.

After the completion of the program, you will have a stronger presence, deeper connection, resilience, a more flexible mindset, heightened awareness, and access to your multi-dimensional intelligences. You will be up and running on the emerging leadership trends while creating an impactful contribution and positive legacy. Your people skills will have improved, and you now know who you are, why you are doing what you are doing,  and why you are here in general. 

You will have unleashed your TRUE Power.

If you are ready and courageous enough to embark on the next level of your leadership and your very own personal journey of transformation, then this program is for you. 

The Conscious Leadership journey.

Other Coaching & Consulting Services

Shorter leadership coaching packages, consulting, and advisory services are also available. Get in touch, express your needs, and we will explore how I might bring value to you or your company.  


"Rúna is both brilliant and insightful, bringing her many years as a successful business leader and her intuitive wisdom to any business challenge. She takes her work seriously, bringing great value to her coaching and consulting, all while she is supportive and without ego. A rare and remarkable talent in the business world!" Leslie Clarke, Ph.D., Executive Director of United Homeless Healthcare Partners, Los Angeles, CA, USA 

“Through her coaching, Rúna Bouius gave me the single most powerful statement that has significantly changed my leadership style. This was like delivering medicine to the center of the disease. I can't help but think this was a result of highly insightful and intuitive coaching.”​ ​— Darwin Richardson, Vice President Quality, Genzyme, Boston, USA

"What is unique about Rúna is her expertise as a successful business owner and entrepreneur herself...she brings vast global business experience in addition to a deep understanding of how to work on personal and conscious developmental levels. This holistic approach I have found to be most helpful in today's complex and ever-changing world." —  Vasken Kalayjian, Managing Director, gkBRAND, New York, USA

“If you are a bold, visionary leader who needs support in leading from the heart, Rúna Bouius is a natural ally. She is a visionary leader who will empower you to see the big picture and inspire you to take bold action. Having founded and managed successful businesses, Rúna applies the authority and confidence of experience to help you emanate and hold a harmonious and productive environment in your business.” — John Montgomery, Corporate Transformational Specialist, San Francisco, CA, USA

“Rúna ́s skilled influence on improving leadership and organizational outcomes is clear and recognizable. With a conscious and collaborative style, she helps others truly produce work that works.” — Tom Fanning, Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer, Boomzaa, Castle Rock, CO, USA 

“Rúna has remarkable insight and ability to flesh out the deeper issues. She works the energy of a group such that it moves through challenges, brings out creative thought, and taps into deeper wisdom. When I worked with Rúna on an individual basis she was able to help me perceive the deeper framework that had me stopped. She guided me with loving compassion while always keeping the issue surely before me.”​ ​— Norman Wolfe, Founder, CEO, Quantum Leaders, Inc, Vancouver, WA, USA