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PART 1: Reykjavik, Iceland

PART 3: Los Angeles, California, USA

PART 2: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Should I become an actress or a psychologist? This was Rúna’s big debate as a young woman graduating from college in her native country, Iceland. But before she made that decision, life swept her off her feet and guided her to becoming an accidental entrepreneur at the age of 23. Being a young female founder was a rarity in those days and started Rúna on the path of being a pioneer and visionary leader. 

Her first business, Klassík ehf. (a wholesale company representing a large portfolio of internationally known cosmetic and parfume brands on the local and duty-free market) became a trailblazer, introducing innovative practices and services to the beauty and wellness industry and positioning itself as an industry leader.

 During Rúna’s nearly twenty years as the CEO of Klassík in Reykjavík, she grew into what we now call a Conscious Leader, building a service-oriented and vibrant company culture while being rewarded with love and respect by all her stakeholders — employees, suppliers, and customers.  


PART 2: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

PART 3: Los Angeles, California, USA

PART 2: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

But mysteriously, at the end of two decades, Rúna’s interest and passion for her work surprisingly dried up, and she became aware of an inner emptiness -- in spite of her thriving business, outward success, and loving home and family life. She felt like she was drowning in a roar coming from the depths of her soul, shouting “Is this all there is to life?” She kept this “shameful” secret close to her heart for the longest time: but in the end, she realized she needed to answer the calling of her soul. So she made a conscious intention and commitment to looking for what was missing. 

She embarked on the hero’s journey by leaving behind the status quo and everything that was safe and familiar to her, and she moved to the United States with her two young sons after selling her businesses and the passing of her husband. 

Nestled in the magical New Mexico desert — Santa Fe — Rúna started her healing journey and search for wholeness — her higher purpose, mission, and renewed life-vision. She went through an intense process of mentorship and training for well over a decade, working with powerful teachers through modalities such as psychology, Shamanism, ancient wisdom, and universal principles, by learning through awareness and mindfulness practices, spirituality, and direct teachings from Nature. 


PART 3: Los Angeles, California, USA

PART 3: Los Angeles, California, USA

PART 3: Los Angeles, California, USA

Now Rúna is excited to guide progressive CEOs and other highly successful leaders, founders, investors, and visionary influencers, to unleash their True Power. She believes that if leaders live and lead from higher purpose and dynamic fulfillment they will create a meaningful legacy and make a huge positive impact in the transition and paradigm shift humanity faces today through the power of business.

Over the course of her career, Rúna has mentored and coached hundreds of leaders and uplifted and inspired thousands of people around the world through her  speaking, facilitation, and writing, and through the social-impact platforms in Los Angeles she has co-founded, including the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter and the TOGETHER! Network for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs. Rúna sits on a number of advisory boards and has spoken at conferences such as The International Conference on Business and Consciousness, Women’s International Networking (WIN), and the Conscious Capitalism Institute Conference.

She has a reputation as a Conscious Leadership influencer, a tireless ambassador for raising social consciousness, and a Change Agent on a mission to evolve humanity’s relationship to power. 

Rúna is a producer at The Social Movement -- an Amazon Prime (Docu-Series) where CEOs, Founders, CMOs, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Business Owners share their genius onscreen. To be aired in summer of 2020.

The thing about rúna is...

The thing about Rúna is that behind the calm, cool & collected demeanor - is deep wisdom, a quick wit, a touch of playfulness, and above all, an extremely caring, mindful observer. In other words, a Conscious Leader to her core. Rúna’s innate knowledge of the mind-body-spirit connection is evident throughout everything she does.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rúna at different capacities; As co-producers for TOGETHER! (a 2-day conference for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs), as well as the subsequent TOGETHER! Network leadership workshops, and as board members for the LA Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Throughout all of these experiences, what has always amazed me about Rúna’s leadership style is that despite her high level of expertise, she never hesitates to put her plans on pause, in order to open the space for new or different ideas. This is genuine growth-mindset and co-creation at it’s best, and it’s one of the leadership qualities that I most value, from the many that I’ve learned from Rúna. 

As a speaker, as a writer, as a leader, as a coach, Rúna is always eloquent and engaging, constantly innovative, weaving in both ancient wisdom and new schools of thought, science and technology, all the while keeping things light, fun and always leaving you wanting more. 

— Rocio Villalobos, Creative Strategist/Director, VidroMedia , Board Member of Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles 





People don’t like a “watered down” speech. I believe we are in an era in which audiences need real insights and wisdom, innovative yet solid ideas, and to experience an expansion of their hearts and minds. I love to ignite the fire in their bellies to wake up and then step up to their own unique leadership genius and responsibility. I like my audiences to walk away with practical and actionable tips and practices as well as the inspiration to make conscious choices and positive changes in their own lives, in their organizations, and in society overall. Together we will step into our TRUE Power and co-create a better world.