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The times we live in are like a roller coaster, as the world and humanity are undergoing radical changes. To stay relevant leaders need to evolve beyond their traditional MBA training and continue to learn and grow and add to their leadership toolbox. Getting advice and guidance solely from external sources is limiting and leaders now need to cultivate and integrate their internal leadership with the outer, and tap into deeper connection, presence, and wisdom. 

The leaders of the new era need to inspire, engage, and empower as they open people’s hearts and minds, one person at a time. They need to leverage their position, leadership, and influence and the power of their business and community to BE the force for social good the world needs today.

Navigating these changes and assisting leaders and their people to awaken to and embody their TRUE Power is what I do. As a bold and conscious leader and inspirational speaker, I will engage, inspire, and entertain your audiences at your events and guide them to lead and live from their TRUE Power. To book a keynote speech or panel participation at your conference, workshop, or group retreat for your organization or association or to apply to work with me personally...



Transform Your Overwhelm into Presence, Clarity, and Resilience

As a leader, -- a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner, a founder, entrepreneur, a solopreneur or just starting out in your career -- chances are you aspire to be a great leader. Even an exceptional leader. And that’s exactly what our emerging world is calling for right now. 

But the way you are going about it is crazy-making.

Like too many modern-day professionals – all busy-ness and doing-ness – you’re likely feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted, and at a breaking point. 

On top of that, a world in crisis is causing unprecedented anxiety and fear.

Your human operating system is in overdrive and crying out for help. Your success is coming at a cost.

But there is another way.

To change your experience of your world, you need to take the journey within to upgrade your internal operating system. 

When you give priority to your inner leader and connect to the unlimited intelligence of your whole being, your life takes on another meaning. 

I created the Finding Your Calm course to help you do exactly that -- transform your overwhelm to a calmer and more peaceful way of being.

Join leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world who want to transform how they lead and live.

Created for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, other Professionals

An 8-Week LIVE Online Course
with Rúna Bouius

Starting October 29, 2019  12 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm GMT

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conscious leadership with Rúna bouius

Rúna in a recent dialogue with Tom Eddington, Conscious Leadership expert and the host of The Impact Effect, discussing TRUE Power Through Conscious Leadership. 

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“Rúna has a dazzling reservoir of accomplishments that raise any enterprise she engages with to a higher level.” — CEO Hunter

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“Rúna Bouius gave a talk to the leadership team at KVIKA banki called the “Triple Bottom Line And Beyond.” It was most interesting to hear about the new trends that modern leadership and companies are using to attract the best talent, engage their people, and keep everyone inspired and purpose-driven.  Rúna engaged the audience well and I left with an open mind and a new vision that will benefit me in my professional and personal life moving forward.” — Sara Magnúsdóttir, Head of Commercial Banking, Kvika banki hf, Reykjavík, Iceland   

“I have known Rúna and worked with her for over 8 years. She is a top Thought Leader on Global Strategy in business. On the leading edge of emerging trends, she combines practical business thinking with the evolution of business and culture including the Conscious Leadership Movement. Rúna is not an isolated theorist, she has a powerful network of executives from around the world that are part of her think tank to better understand how to leverage strategy, powerful leadership and practical initiatives to take any business to it's next level of evolution.”  — Mark Samuel, CEO & Founder, IMPAQ, Author, Speaker, Los Angeles , CA, USA

“If you are a bold, visionary leader who needs support in leading from the heart, Rúna Bouius is a natural ally. She is a visionary leader who will empower you to see the big picture and inspire you to take bold action. Having founded and managed successful businesses, Rúna applies the authority and confidence of experience to help you emanate and hold a harmonious and productive environment in your business.”
 — John Montgomery, Corporate Transformation Specialist and Benefit Corporation Expert, San Francisco, CA, USA



“Rúna possesses great wisdom about the meaning of life in general and combines this with her deep insights into people and connects all these aspects directly to the corporate world. This strong combination enables Rúna to help you to see clearly, guide you to your unique path, and empower you to take the next steps towards a better and more positive future.” 

— Ulrik Nerløe, Founder Unified People ApS, Author, Speaker, Denmark

“The Leadership Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence that I enlisted Rúna to design and facilitate for PwC Leadership Academy in Aruba was really a game-changer for me and further shaped me into the leadership role I am in today as the CEO of AZV. It also laid the foundation for me in writing my book, “Challenging Leadership.” Ruben Goedhoop, CEO at AZV, Aruba 

"Rúna is an age-old, wise soul who sees into the nature of things – and of you.  She lives conscious leadership. It comes from inside her in the way she conducts her own life, and in the way she brings practical conscious leadership wisdom to her clients and relationships.  Her ability to connect people and bring them together to evolve them is extraordinarily catalytic.  She is a bright light in the world of evolving leaders and evolving humanity." ~ Gina Hayden, Co-Founder, Global Institute for Conscious Leadership, London, UK

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