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We, at the TRUE Power Institute, believe the world is in a dire need for an upgrade in all areas of life, including how we hold the notion of power

This is a think-tank-like project created around the need to re-examine how we, as leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and influencers understand the nature of power, relate to power, source power, and wield power. 

Continuing the age-old norm of power-over is no longer acceptable in the emerging new story of humanity. The new standard will be power-with and power to — power to the PEOPLE.

We aspire to support leaders, their teams, and organizations in propelling their process to wake up to and unleash their TRUE Power while evolving humanity's relationship to power. We do this through our change agent and social activism, messaging, coaching, mentoring, program facilitation through Conscious Leadership, speaking, writing, and content creation. Join us in the conversation, exploration, and cultivation of stepping into TRUE Power to co-create a better world.

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T = Truth

Waking up and experiencing the truth of who you are, where you are, how life really works, and why you are here.  

R = Responsibility

Taking responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and story and how you show up in the world will set you free and improve your relationships in all areas of your  life. 

U = Universal Principles

Honoring and guiding yourself, utilizing timeless wisdom and the power of conscious co-creation.

E = Embodiment

Living in leadership presence through spontaneous being, natural expression, and graceful flow. 

wake up your power — true power

TRUE Power Program Offered live as a Talk, Workshop, or Retreat

Why And How Leaders Need To Explore Their Relationship To Power To Be Future-Ready

Program Description:

Are you ready to talk about the taboo topic of POWER? As a modern leader, you need to be clear on what power is -- beyond your positional power. What does power mean to you? How do you want to use your power in your leadership? How do you obtain and wield your power? How can you contribute to turning the tide against the abuse of power?

Humanity is currently undergoing a big shake-up and a significant transition. Here’s the truth: our old world is outgrowing itself, and evolution is forcing us to wake up! As leaders, we must do some outer and inner spring-cleaning and upgrade -- including to our personal and collective relationships to power.

We will explore the many facets of power, and more importantly, why awakening to your TRUE Power may be your secret key to leading successfully and living a fulfilling and purpose-driven life -- WHILE contributing your unique genius to the co-creation and manifestation of a new vision for the planet, for humanity, and for reaching the next seven generations and beyond.

The Audience Will Learn:

  • What power is and is not...and what TRUE Power is
  • How to source power and wield it wisely
  • The most common way people give up their power
  • Why modern leaders need to BE Power
  • Insights into leaders’ relationship to power

Audience Experience

"Rúna is an 'insights curator' and a gifted facilitator. She seamlessly integrates and shares contemporary and classical perspectives in a light-hearted manner, while creating an interactive audience experience that simultaneously sparks internal resonance; inspires individual and collective self-reflection regarding relationships with and to Power and poises listeners for inner work & action."  —  Annette Shaked, Leadership & Organizational Manager, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Rúna is an engaging speaker that brings powerful and authentic energy from the moment she steps on stage. The audience is engaged and hooked right out of the gates. “I am power” and she is truly a powerful speaker! Thank you, Rúna, for inspiring and educating us all.” — Amber Gough, Founder of Talent Fusion Point & Conscious Capitalism San Diego Program Director, San Diego, California, USA

“Rúna's energy is one of the most authentic I've felt! She makes everyone feel that they are exactly where they belong in life. Rúna instills confidence and a safe harbor for us to step back and realize the TRUE POWER we all have inside each of us. She shares her wisdom on how the practice of experiential learning and self-awareness is the pathway to our TRUE POWER and will propel us to the best version of ourselves. Regardless of attending a workshop, a keynote, or coaching session with her - you will truly feel like you are coming into your own and start to actualize the TRUE POWER to achieve unimaginable things in your life!” — Lisa Strack, Inclusion & Belonging Culture Carrier, Bank of the West, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I attended Rúna’s talk “Wake Up Your Power -TRUE Power” recently. It was a truly inspiring experience for me as Rúna challenged us to self reflect on our own relationship with “power”. I left feeling awakened and motivated. Most importantly, because of this uplifting experience, I was able to learn new things about myself and redirect my energy into the right places. Now, I am a proud owner of Green Activities LLC :). I will never forget Rúna’s presentation on "True Power" because it truly motivated me to concur my dreams. And for that, I will always be thankful to her.” — Viktoriya Mincheva, Founder, Green Activities LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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